The RSM academy differs from a lot of the other gyms profiled on this site. It’s not a “camp” per say, and the owners are targeting a completely different segment of the market.

Typically in Thailand, the participants of Muay Thai tend to come from poor families and they turn to the sport as a way to provide for themselves.

Recently though, the sport has been growing in popularity and a lot of the “high so” (short for “high society”) Thai’s have become interested in their national sport as a way to get fit. The founders of the RSM academy identified this trend, and created a gym to service this demand.


Considering the target demographic, the RSM academy is perfectly located in the affluent Thong Lor area in Bangkok. The cost of training isn’t cheap, but it comes with the territory (literally) as I’m sure the monthly rent isn’t cheap either.

The gym is located on the 3rd floor of a shopping center called “SeenSpace”, which is located on ThongLor 13. Click here for the exact address and a map to the gym

Since the gym is easily accessible from the Thong Lor sky train (BTS) station, the RSM academy is an option if you’re in the city and want a conveniently located gym you can access without having to deal with the frustrating Bangkok traffic.


As I mentioned above, this isn’t a “camp”, so they don’t have on-site accommodation available. However, since it’s located nearby a sky train station, you have a lot of options as the gym can be easily accessed as long as you’re living nearby a BTS station yourself.

Training Info and Photos

According to this write up on the gym from Mai at “”, a large percentage of the customer base at RSM is female (which may not necessarily be a bad thing if you’re a single guy).

At the time of this writing (July 14th, 2013), they have a staff of 11 trainers. Included on the roster of trainers is Yasothorn Banchamek (former Rajadamnern and Thailand national champion) and Saichon Banchamek (Buakaw’s good friend and former trainer).

The training structure (and price) is dependent on which type of program you sign up for. This isn’t a typical “camp” format and there are a lot of variables. Click here for an overview of the timetable, prices and the different programs that they offer.