Santai, which was formerly known “Siam Number 1” before the new management took over, has seen a lot of growth in a short period of time. Such development indicates that they’re doing something right and keeping their customers happy. Most of the trainers here are from the famed Pinsinchai camp in Bangkok so they offer very authentic Muay Thai training.


The Santai Muay Thai gym is located in San Kamphaeng, which is a district in the province of Chiang Mai. I’d say the gym is about 25 minutes or so from the city center. The gym offers a pick up service from the airport for 250 baht, which is very reasonable. Here’s a map to the gym.


Santai offers on-site accommodation at rates perhaps cheaper than any of the other gyms in Thailand. They recently built a 9 room apartment complex where you can rent a room (with a washroom) for 3500-5000 baht per month (depending on whether or not you want air conditioning). These prices are nearly what locals would expect to pay. There is also plenty of nearby apartment options within walking distance to the gym at very affordable rates.

Training Info & Photos

Like most gyms, there are 2 training sessions per day at Santai. The morning session goes from 6am-8am and is mostly geared around conditioning. There’s a long run followed by skipping, stretching, shadow boxing, bag work, and some strength and conditioning work to finish things off.

The afternoon session goes from 4pm-7:30pm and includes a shorter run, followed by stretching, skipping, shadow boxing, bag work, pad work (5 rounds), clinching, technical sparring (3x per week) and some endurance work to finish things off.