Buakaw “Sombat” Banchamek (formerly known as “Buakaw Por Pramuk”) is perhaps the most famous Thai fighter on an international scale due to his impressive run in the K1 World Max tournaments.

He is a 2 time K1 world max champion (2004 & 2006), a WMC champion, an Omnoi stadium champion and a 2 time “Thai Fight” champion.

He has been involved in some highly publicized legal battles with his former management, but he’s now free to fight again and he’s set up a couple gyms of his own.

The first gym he built was in his hometown in Surin so he could train nearby his family. More recently, he set up a gym in Bangkok. Both of these gyms are open to foreigners who wish to train there.


Bangkok is one of the top tourist destinations in the world while the gym up in Surin is in a very isolated location. You’ll certainly have more entertainment options during your downtime in Bangkok, but if you’re looking for the unique experience of training in the countryside, the gym in Surin may be an option.

Of the two gyms, I believe Buakaw spends more time at his home gym in Surin, but he’s constantly traveling, so make sure you check beforehand to make sure he’ll be there.

The gym in Bangkok on the other hand appears to have a bigger stable of fighters (grown fighters anyway), so even if Buakaw isn’t there, I would imagine you would still have high level guys to spar and clinch with.

Click here to view a map of both locations as well as the contact details if you’d like to get in touch with them for training.


If you’re planning on the gym in Surin, they offer a training, food and accommodation package (updated prices here). The Bangkok location doesn’t provide on-site accommodation, so you’d be expected to commute to the gym from your apartment or hotel for the sessions.

Training Info and Photos

The training times at both locations are similar. The morning session begins with a long run at 6am, then it’s back at the gym by 7 for shadow boxing, pad work, bag work etc. The afternoon session starts at 4pm and goes until 6pm.

As mentioned above, it looks as though the Bangkok location looks to have broader selection of Thai fighters available for sparring and clinching (not surprising considering that the top stadiums are located in Bangkok).