Fighting Spirit is a gym targeted for foreigners (with Thai trainers of course) that offers a laid back, affordable and conveniently located training option. In my experience, all of the trainers here are excellent pad holders so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good session each time you go.

At just 4000-6000 baht per month for training (depending if you want to train once or twice per day), Fighting Spirit offers an excellent value. Adding to that, they also have a fully equipped weight training area on site as well, which is accessible for an additional fee.


The gym is located in the Silom area of Bangkok. Coming by way of the subway, you need to head to Silom, walk straight as you exit the station and within approximately 20 minutes, you will see a big sign and turn off for the gym on the left hand side.

Coming from the sky train, you can get off at either Sala Daeng or Chong Nonsi as the gym is within walking distance from either station. If you need a landmark, the gym is right across the street from the “Pullman” hotel and nearby the infamous Patpong area.


Training Info & Photos

As mentioned above, the training at Fighting Spirit is laid back. You can arrive anytime between the operating hours and from there, you will skip and do some bag work to warm up. Once you’ve done that, a trainer will call you over and you’ll get a full 5 rounds on the pads (4 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest period).

Once you’re done on the pads, it’s free much up to you from there. If you want to do some clinching or sparring, you can just ask some of the other guys training if they’d be up for it.