Sasiprapa gym is run by Thakoon Pongsupha and has been in operation for over 40 years now. Since its inception, its produced multiple champions including Rungravee Sasiprapa and Malaipet Sasiprapa (a former Rajadamnern champion who news trains students out of his school in L.A, California).


Sasiprapa is located in the Bangkapi district of Bangkok. The gym is in a residential neighborhood and it’s not far from the “mall Bangkapi”, which has everything you’d need and more. Here is a map to the gym.


The gym is in a residential neighborhood that’s quite busy and has plenty of accommodation options. Your best bet is to walk around the area yourself and check out what accommodation is available at the time. They offer an all-inclusive training package here as well that includes accommodation, training and food (apparently the food here is excellent).

Training Info & Photos

This is a traditional Thai gym and the training is in accordance to what you would expect from that. They train 2x per day here (as with most other gyms) and a typical session includes running (should you wish to participate), bag work, pad work (usually 5 rounds with the trainer) as well as some sparring or clinching. The cost for training is either 12,000 baht (2 sessions per day) or 6000 baht (1 session per day). The rate for a single session is 400 baht.