In 2009, the Kiat Yongyut gym moved locations and underwent an elaborate renovation; making it one of the nicest training camps in the country.

The renovation came as a result of the involvement of a 36 year old Australian businessman named Daniel Potter. Potter teamed up with Bangkok based businessman, Lervisit Yongyut, and they’ve merged their promotions (Top Rated and Yongyut) to create a great environment for their fighters to train.

Kiat Yongyut has produced some excellent fighters throughout the years, most notably, 3x Lumpinee and WMC champion, Nong Bee. At the time of this writing, Nong Bee is working as a trainer at the P. Silaphai gym in Chiang Mai.

A notable fighter that can be found training at the Top Rated facility on a daily basis is Petaek Kiatyongyut. Petaek has been fighting for nearly 2 decades now and he’s captured a Thailand national title in the 118lb weight class.

He has reached the top and earned the opportunity to fight for other prestigious titles during his career but unfortunately, he fell short on his 3 attempts at the Lumpinee title as well as his attempt for a title at Rajadamnern stadium.

There are usually about a dozen high level Muay Thai fighters training here at any given time; many of which have won regional titles in the past.

Since Daniel Potter is a Western boxing promoter, there are a few high level boxers training here as well. Most notably, a figher named Saddam who has compiled a perfect record in route to a WBC championship.

If you’re looking for a Muay Thai gym where you can improve your traditional boxing skills, the Top Rated gym may be a good option.


The gym is located in the Talingchan district in Bangkok. The exact address is 168/58 Soi Chiyaphruek 3, Bangkhunnon-Talingchan road. Click here to view additional photos of the facility and to access the contact details for the gym.

Training Info and Photos

The morning session at Top Rated runs from 7am – 9:30am and the afternoon session runs from 2pm – 5pm (much earlier than most other gyms). The sessions start off with a long jog (up to 12km) and once back at the gym, the fighters do up to 7 rounds on the pads with one of the trainers (5 minutes per round) and follow that up with approximately 50 minutes of clinching. Sparring is emphasized more during the afternoon session.

As mentioned above, this would be a good gym to train at if you were looking to polish up your boxing skills in addition to developing your traditional Muay Thai.

The cost for training is 1000 baht per day and included in that price is your accommodation, food, scheduled training sessions and you’ll have access to the facilities at all times (weight room, sauna etc).