Sor Klinmee is owned and run by Thappaya Sir Or (former Rajadamnern, channel 7 and WMC champion). Thappaya was an excellent fighter during his days on the circuit. He has now retired and is focusing his efforts on developing the next generation of fighters.

Thappaya’s brother was a Lumpinee stadium champion as well as a WBA boxing world champion. It doesn’t stop there though; Thappaya is also the uncle to Thai fight veteran Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee (world champion) and Rambaa Somdet (K1 vet and MMA fighter who currently holds a 10-2 record). In short, you don’t want to be the guy starting shit at their family reunion.


As mentioned above, the gym is located on the outskirts of Pattaya so you can either stay by the gym or in the city and commute back and forth. If you’re comfortable on a motorbike, either option will be convenient for you (your selection would just depend on what your priorities are).

There is plenty of affordable accommodation options all along Sukhumvit 53 (plenty of food options as well) and the gym offers accommodation as well. The cost for accommodation at the gym ranges from 5000-7500 baht per month depending on whether or not you choose a fan room or a room with air conditioning.

Alternatively, if you choose to stay closer to the beaches and commute to training, you’ll have plenty of options from low cost Thai style all the way up to luxury condos.

Training Information & Photos

Like most Thai style gyms, the listed training regime seems grueling but keep in mind that it will be adapted based on your fitness level and you won’t be obligated to follow the routine exactly. The training routine, as listed on their website, consists of two sessions.

The first session runs from 5am-8am (because the young kids have to get to school) and the afternoon session runs from 4pm-7pm. The morning session consists of mostly running (13km) along with some technique and conditioning. The afternoon session consists of a shorter run (6km) and from there, the routine is pretty standard and includes 5 rounds on the pads, along with some sparring and clinching if you want it.