Sityodtong was founded by Yodtong Senanan; who was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Royal Thai family for his contribution to the national sport and his role in producing 57 Muay Thai champions. Sityodtong has been the most successful training camp in the history of the sport.

Some of the champions produced at Sityodtong are Samart Payakaroon (4x lumpinee champion, WBC champion) who now runs Poptheeratham Gym, Kongtoranee Payakaroon (5x lumpinee champion) who now works at Evolve in Singapore, Nuengpichit Sityodtong (former lumpinee and WMC champion) and Yoddecha Sityodtong (also a WMC champion who now works at Evolve in Singapore).

Many of the champions that have been produced by Yodtong Senanan were orphans who were brought into the camp, provided for and given the opportunity to succeed. Yodtong Senanan won the lottery twice, and spent his winnings on food and shelter for his stable of fighters.


Sityodtong is located in Pattaya, but in an isolated location away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To get there from central Pattaya, head up “Pattaya Klang” road until it intersects with the main Sukhumvit road. Across that street will be Sukhumvit 53, which is the road you would go down to get to Sor Klinmee gym.

Rather than heading down Sukhumvit 53, head down the road to the left of it (if facing the road) and get a motorbike taxi driver to take you to Sityodtong from there (they all seem to know where it is at that point, yet you’ll have a hard time finding a motorbike taxi driver who knows where it is from the city).

From the Sukhumvit road, it’s only about a 10 minute ride. Just pay attention to how to get there so you can get there on your own the next time (if you have a motorbike).


If you want to be where the action is, then stay in the city and commute to training. If you still want the convenience of having a lot of food options (even late into the night), yet don’t want to deal with the temptation associated with staying right in the city, then stay up on Sukhumvit road around the turn off towards Sityodtong, which is a good mid-point between the gym and the city and there are plenty of places to stay here.

Training Info & Photos

The majority of the champions that have been produced here have moved on (they’re either working on other countries or have started up their own gyms). That being said, they are working on producing the next generation of young fighters.

As a foreigner wanting to train here, you just need to show up during the training sessions and book your time with a trainer. You’ll sign in upon arrival, pay the 250 baht training fee (which hasn’t been increased in years) and you’ll get a good amount of pad time in with one of the trainers. Of course, you can run, skip and do bag work before you get called for pads by the trainer (what you do before pads is entirely up to you).

After pads, you can get some sparring and clinching in if you choose too. If the trainers aren’t busy, they’re fit enough to go through the motions with you or if they’re busy, they can match you up with other students training in the gym.