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In just a few years, the “Sitsongpeenong” brand has become a huge name in Muay Thai. With the original location based near Rama 9 park in Bangkok, they’ve recently expanded and opened a new location in the Surin area of Phuket.

The concept is to provide a serious training atmosphere in a tropical environment. All skill levels are welcome, but everyone that trains here can be expect to be pushed during the sessions (to their own limitations of course). There are some kids training at the gym, both foreign and Thai, and it has a family feel to it.

The location in Bangkok is stacked with top fighters (Kem, Sittichai, Bovy, Tongchai) and I believe a lot of the fighters will be going back and forth between the two gyms.

The head trainer at the Phuket location is “Pi Pah”. Pi Pah has personally trained multiple champion fighters during his years at the famed Jocky Gym in Bangkok. A multiple time Raja stadium and Thai national champion himself, Pipa played a major role in the development of champions such as Saenchai (pictured together here), Lerdsila, Somluck, Dany Bill, Kaoklai, Jean Charles Skarbowsky, Silapathai and several others.

Before moving to the Phuket location, Pi Pah spent some time at the original Sitsongpeenong location (Bangkok), where he was working with their stable of fighters. He teaches a very illusive, technical style of fighting (Muay Fimeu), and those teachings are evident when watching guys like Saenchai and Lerdsila in action.

The gym is owned by an Australian named Tim Fisher. Tim has experience both as a fighter and a promoter, and is always around the gym to give feedback and arrange fights for students (should you wish to compete).

In addition to Pi-Pah, Tim has recruited a few other top notch fighters/trainers to work in the camp. Yodvisanu (a former WMC champion) was brought in from the “Sor Kittichai gym”, which is one of the top camps in Southern Thailand.

Prior to arriving at Sitsongpeenong, Yodvisanu was working as a trainer in Japan, where he played a role in the development of 5 champions, one of them being Masaaki Noiri. Masaaki Noiri is currently ranked as the #1 lightweight kick-boxer in the world according to

Also working as a trainer here is Sayannoi Kiatprabat. Sayannoi captured lumpinee belts in 2 weight divisions as well as a Thailand national title.

There has been a few new trainers added to the roster as well. Pettawee Sor Kittichai; former Rajadamnern, Thailand and S1 champion and Jomyut Pitakkruchaydan; former Lumpinee stadium and Thailand national champion.

A recent addition to the roster of trainers is Pentai SingPatong. Pantai is a 2x lumpinee stadium champion, a channel 7 champion and a Thailand national champion.

For the bigger students, there’s a prospect training out of the gym named Weythern “The Demon” who will be on hand for clinching and sparring. Weythern walks around at approximately 78-79kg and is fighting both at Lumpinee stadium (72kg) as well as internationally (France and Australia so far). Other Thai fighters include Attisak, Sarortong and Tawanchai.

Things seem to be off to a good start.


The gym is located in the Surin area of Phuket, just 400 meters from the beach. The area has a laid back, relaxing atmosphere, so there’s little in terms of distractions so you can focus on your training, but if you’re in the mood for some entertainment, Patong (main nightlife district in Phuket) is about a 15 minute drive away. The beach in Surin is very nice, as are the Kamala and Laem Sing beaches which are also nearby. Click here to view a map, directions and the address for the gym.


There’s a resort complex just 10 meters from the gym that accommodates the students. The complex has has a pool, jacuzzi and WiFi. The rates (including 2x per day training, electric and cleaning), for a private room, are 1700 baht per night or 35,000 baht per month. These private rooms have a king size bed.

There are twin rooms available for 1300 baht per night or 25,000 baht per month (also including training, cleaning and electric). If you wanted a spot in a twin share room for 3 months, there’s a discount rate of 20,000 baht per month available (which again.. includes training, cleaning and electric).

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The vision for the gym is to have a serious training atmosphere, much like the gym in Bangkok, only in a tropical location. That being said, you can expect the same focus on intensity at the Phuket location that the Bangkok location has become known for (this means short rest intervals between rounds).

The morning sessions are kicked off with either a 5km run or an 8km run (different routes). The morning sessions also include technical sparring sessions (mix between Western boxing and Muay Thai), pad work as well as a shorter clinch session.

The afternoon session consists of 30 minutes of skipping, a long clinch session, bag work and 5-7 rounds on the pads with one of the trainers. There is also a conditioning circuit that focuses on developing explosive power implemented into the training routine 3x per week.

They have private lessons available for 1000 baht per hour and day passes for the group sessions for 500 baht per day.

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