Sitsongpeenong (which translated to English, means “two brothers”) has been around for a few years now and the owner seems determined to produce top fighters and win the prestigious “gym of the year” award. At the time of this writing, the gym is home to a handful of top ranked fighters.

Kem and Sitthichai are leading the charge and setting the standards for the younger fighters. I also believe that Bovy (Thailand, Raja & WMC champion) and Berneung (former Raja & WMC champion) have begun training here as well (although it may have been inter-gym sparring I’ve seen in the videos).


Sitsongpeenong is located in a quiet neighbourhood near the Rama 9 park in the Suang Luang district of Bangkok.


Sitsongpeenong offers on-site accommodation (seen in this video tour). If you’re staying long term and looking for a less expensive alternative, you can walk around the area and look for an apartment nearby the gym. There are plenty of affordable options priced at local Thai rates located within walking distance.

Training Info & Photos

The training sessions at Sitsongpeenong are notorious for being difficult to get through (providing you do everything that the Thai’s do). The sessions are very structured and include long runs in Rama 9 park (should you wish to participate) as well as 4 minute pad rounds with a mere 45 second rest period between them. Just visit their website (which is listed at the bottom of the page) for more details on the training structure.

Also worth mentioning is that there is a free weight area at Sitsongpeenong (bench press, dumbbells, power rack, pull up bars etc.) so you’ll be able to get your lifting in here as well.