Sitpholek is the gym to be credited for the development of Wanlop Sitpholek (Thailand champion and 2x WMC champion), Leonard Sitpholek (WMC champion) as well as a host of other accomplished fighters. The gym has been operations for over 15 years now and the owner, Frank Sitpholek, is also a promoter at the new Pattaya Boxing world stadium.


Sitpholek is located in Pattaya up on the main Sukhumvit road at soi 34. Here is some more information on the location. Oddly enough their own homepage doesn’t provide an address.


The gym doesn’t provide any on-site rooms for students but there are plenty of options to choose from within walking distance. Your best bet is to just have a look around the area while you’re there. Pattaya is a very convenient city in terms of transportation (good “baht bus” system that usually costs only 10 baht per ride) so once you get familiar with the routes, getting around is pretty easy.

Training Info & Photos

The first section of Sitpholek is a weight training gym and the Muay Thai section is in the back. It’s not a big training area by any means but it gets the job done and the price is right at just 270 baht per session (including access to the free weights) or just 3500 baht per month.

As for as the training routine goes, it’s not that structured so nobody is going to hold your hand and make you do anything. A bit of self motivation is necessary. If you want to run before training, that’s up to you. Otherwise, you just show up to the gym, pay the training fee, warm up with some skipping and bag work and then a trainer will put you through your rounds on the pads. At which point, if you want to do some clinching or sparring, just partner up with someone else in the gym (usually some high level guys in there) and do your own thing.