Sitmonchai Gym is home to Pornsaneh Sitmonchai. Pornsaneh is a Rajadamnern stadium champion, 2x Thailand champion, WMC world champion and he won the `fighter of the year`award in 2010. In addition to Pornsaneh, the Sitmonchai gym is home to a promising stable of Thai fighters that you`ll get to train with during your stay.


The gym is located 95km outside of Bangkok in a neighboring province called Kanchanaburi. To get there, you can take a minivan from Victory Monument in Bangkok (the vans to `Thamaka` leave every 20-30 minutes). Alternatively, you can get in contact with Abigale (the gym liaison) and she can arrange a private pick up service for you.


There is on-site accommodation available at the gym and the rate for a spot in a shared room, 2 meals and 2 training sessions is 1000 baht per day (30,000 baht per month). Alternatively, if you choose to stay outside the camp, you can find some very inexpensive rooms available in the town of Thamaka starting from as low as 2000 baht per month.

Training Info & Photos

Sitmonchai Gym runs 2 training sessions per day. The morning session starts at roughly 7am and starts off with a 8-12km jog. Once back a the gym, you`ll do bag work and pad work with a trainer, followed by some conditioning exercises and a cool down to finish off the session.

The afternoon session starts at 4pm. The run to kick things off is shorter (4-6km) and that`s followed by skipping, bag work, pad work, clinching, sparring and then some conditioning exercises to close out the workout.