Singpatong (alternatively known as “Sitnumnoi”) has become an impressive success story. At the time of this writing, the gym has 3 fighters who are current champions at Lumpinee stadium. These title holders are Pen Ake, Pen Thai and Damien Alamos. Damien is one of the only foreign fighters to ever become a lumpinee champion so that’s a testament to the teaching abilities of Numnoi and his team of trainers.


The gym is located in the hills of Patong. Patong is very much a tourist area and considered to be the nightlife center of Phuket. The actual location of the gym though is in an quiet area up on 26 “Hasip Pee” Road (50 Pee Rd).


The gym occasionally has Thai style accommodation available but there are rules you need to follow if you want to stay here. Most of the foreign students find either a hotel or an apartment nearby.

Training Info & Photos

The training here is scheduled for 7 hours per day (7-10am and again from 4-8pm). There is a mix in skill levels amongst the foreigners so you will be pushed, but they will also be understanding if your fitness level isn’t up to par with the rest of the fighters.

The training will usually start off with a 10km run through the mountain range and will be followed up with padwork (up to 8 rounds), sparring, clinching and conditioning exercises.