The Sinbi Muay Thai gym was started by Thopadak Wanchalerm; though he’s better known by his Korean name of Sinbi Taewoong. Sinbi held number 1 rankings in both of the elite stadiums in Bangkok (lumpinee & rajadamnern) and spent some time fighting in K1 over in Korea as well. Interestingly enough, he holds a degree in sports science in addition to being a top level athlete.

The gym was opened back in 2007 and has since become extremely successful. They seem to have built a reputation on providing quality training and they have a line up of accomplished trainers that have contributed to this.


The Sinbi gym is located in the Rawai section of Phuket. It’s a nice quiet area with good scenery and you’re likely to jog past some elephants on your morning run. Here is a map to the gym.


There is accommodation available at the gym. Most of the rooms are shared (with either 1 or 2 other people). The price, which includes the training fees, ranges from 19,000-21,000 baht per month.

They have 1 private “VIP” room available at the gym that goes for 32,000 baht per month (training fees included).

If you were looking to save some money, there are a few accommodation options nearby that you can look into..

Training Info & Photos

The training routine at Sinbi is very structured and organized. This is a positive for the people that feel like they need constant guidance during the sessions but a bit of a negative if you prefer to sort of do your own thing.

Like most gyms in Thailand, there are 2 training sessions per day at Sinbi. The morning sessions starts at 7:30am but if you want to run before, 6:45am is a good time to start.

From there, it’s back to the gym for shadowboxing, group stretching then either pad work or bag work. You’ll get 5 rounds on the pads here (3 minutes each).

The afternoon sessions are run in a similar format except there is more sparring in the afternoons (sparring is optional for those who aren’t fighting). The sessions are finished off with some conditioning exercises. The cost for training at Sinbi is 400 baht per session or 10,000 baht per month.