Rawai Muay Thai was one of the first gyms to market to foreigners and was at the forefront of the Muay Thai tourism “boom”. The gym is owned and run by a Thai fighter named Tuk who oversees the training regimen along with his brothers.


The Rawai Muay Thai gym is now located in Khao Lak, which is about an hour from Phuket. The gym was originally located in the Rawai section of Phuket, which is where the name was derived from. The owners/management have cited that the reason for the move was to be in a more quiet, peaceful location more suited for students to focus on training. Click here to view a page with a map to the gym and printable directions to give to your taxi driver.


The new Khao Lak location offers various on-site accommodation options. Click here to view photos of the bungalows as well as the prices.

Training Info & Photos

As with most gyms, they train 2x per day at Rawai. The first session starts at 7:30am and the afternoon sessions starts at 4pm. The structure is fairly standard with jogging, skipping, bag work, pad work, sparring, clinching and some conditioning exercises.