Rachanon Gym is owned by a major in the Royal Thai air force named Mr. Vichai Khadpo. Vichai is an excellent Western style boxer and he won a bronze metal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia (source).

The Rachanon Gym first opened up in 2002 and only recently have they been welcoming to foreigners who wish to train there. There are approximately 30 boxers who train there under the guidance of 5 trainers. Among the trainers is an ex-fighter named Wanchai, who was a WMC champion.

Rachanon won the prestigious “Muay Thai camp of the year” award in 2011. Among the stable of fighters at Rachanon are multiple top ranked fighters and title holders. Inseekhao was an Omnoi and channel 7 stadium champion, Design Rachanon recently won the Thailand title from Hongthonglek Chor Farpleansee and the superstar of the gym is F-16 Rachanon.

With the owner of the gym being a major in the Royal Thai Air Force, his “F-16” nickname is in reference to the F-16 fighting falcon aircraft and is to pay tribute to the air force. He captured the Lumpinee stadium title in 2011 with a won over Kongsak Sitboonmee and he won the Thailand national title in 2012.


The Rachanon gym is located in the Sai Mai district of Bangkok right next to the military base. The gym is in the same district as the Poptheeratham gym and the fighters from each gym sometimes get together and do some inter-gym training. Here is a map (though it’s in Thai language) and here is the contact page for the gym.


The owner of the gym has recently outfitted a building near the camp with rooms specifically for the foreigners who wish to train here. They now offer packages that include training (2 sessions per day), food (2 meals per day I believe) and accommodation (price varies depending on whether you pick a room with air conditioning or a fan). Here is a list of the current prices.

Training Info & Photos

If you’re a beginner, Rachanon isn’t the ideal place for you. The training here is serious and best suited for advance trainees. The sessions start off with a run (10km in the mornings & 12km in the afternoons). Once back at the gym, the boxers will clinch for approximately 35 minutes and for the pad work, the rounds are 5 minutes long and you’ll get between 5-6 rounds with the trainer if you’re preparing for a fight. The morning session runs from 6am-9am and the afternoon session runs from 3pm-7pm.