Petchrungruang has been around for decades but it’s not well known by foreigners. It’s a bit of a “hidden gem” so to speak and the gym offers authentic Thai boxing training at a reasonable price.

Most of the students training here are local Thai’s and many of them are quite young. That being said, former Omnoi stadium champion and Lumpinee vet “Por Tor Thor” trains here so if you want a strong Thai to clinch with, I’m sure he would oblige and throw you around a bit.

Roongroj Petchrungruang also trains here and fights at approximately 68-70kg. At the time of this writing, he has a record of 147-48 and recently was showcased on the Thai Fight promotion.

Sudsakorn’s manager, Filippo Cinti, is involved with the gym so there are days when Sudsakorn will come over from the Sor Klinmee gym and help some of the fighters with their training (Sudsakorn is shown in the photo above).


The gym is located in Pattaya, on a quiet street off the main Sukhumvit road. Click here to view a map created by Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu and click here to read the detailed review of Petchrungruang she wrote on her website. If you would like to train here, you can contact Mr. Piyawath @ 08-6147-3166.


Finding accommodation in Pattaya is not very hard. There are apartments near the gym and since transportation in Pattaya is made easy via “baht busses” that circulate the city, you don’t necessarily have to stay right next to the gym either as the commute there for training shouldn’t be too difficult.

Training Info and Photos

This is an authentic gym and they follow a typical training schedule. When I was there, the owner was explaining to me that the young Thai fighters train very early in the mornings before they go to school. The available training times listed on the website are from 4pm-8pm, so there’s a possibility that only the afternoon session is available to foreigners (I suggest you give Mr. Piyawath a call or just show up in person if you want more details on that).

For the afternoon sessions, you’ll go for a run, skip, shadowbox and do some bag work and then you’ll get called into the ring for pads. It’s not a very busy gym so I imagine you would get a full 5 rounds (though I’m not entirely sure). Following pad work, you can do some clinching with the Thai fighters if you’d like and then close out the session with some stretches and cool down exercises. The listed costs for training are 300 baht per session, 1500 baht per week and 4000 baht per month.