Pattaya Muay Thai academy, or “Team Nikiema” as it’s also known by, is operating in the facility where “RMB” gym used to be. The new owner of the gym is Stephane Nikiema. Stephane, who is originally from France, used to train at Jockey Gym in Bangkok and has had dozens of fights in Thailand.


The gym is in a pretty convenient location about a 15 minute walk from second road in North Pattaya. Here is a map you can use to find it.


The gym is located in an area that’s very easily accessible from central Pattaya so you can pretty much stay anywhere you want in the city and get to the gym for your sessions without much hassle. If you wanted to stay right next to the gym, there’s an inexpensive Thai style apartment directly across the street that probably rents rooms for around 6000 baht per month or so and if you wanted to spend a bit more and get a more luxurious room, you can look into the Navin Mansion, which is located right next to the gym.

Training Info & Photos

There are two sessions per day here and the training is pretty laid back. It’s a new gym (at the time of this writing) so there’s just a few trainers working since they don’t have to accommodate a large number of students yet.

If you want to run before the sessions, you can. You could probably run along beach road if you wanted too. Once you’re at the gym, you basically skip or shadowbox to warm up and then you’ll go through rounds on the bag and rounds with the trainer for pad work.

Once that’s done, Stephane will pair people up and show some techniques. This will be followed up by maybe some light sparring and a cool down. The cost for training 5000 baht per month or 300 baht per session.