nitah muay thai gym

Nitah Muay Thai is owned and operated by a friendly Australian woman named Anita, who used to be the foreign liaison for Patong Boxing Gym. She also runs the Fight HQ store nearby, which is a good place to pick up some gear if you’re in the area.

The trainers she has working here have been working in Phuket based gyms for several years and all have plenty of experience working with foreigners.

“Dam”, who is one of the trainers here (pictured below), is a past title holder at the major stadiums in Bangkok.

The current head trainer is “Kot”, and he’s awesome to work with. Nice guy and a really fluid pad holder as well.


The gym is located in central Patong, right across from the Jungceylon shopping mall on the rooftop of a building called “The Sixth”. Look for the “Lebanese flower restaurant” as the gym is right above that.

Patong is the most populated beach area in Phuket, and it’s where the majority of the tourist oriented nightlife is situated.

The proximity of the gym to the “party” street (Bangla road) may be viewed as a positive or a negative depending on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a conveniently located gym that near a beach and the nightlife, a gym like Nitah Muay Thai may be a good fit. The same holds true with the other Patong based gyms mentioned on this site.

If you want to dedicate yourself 100% to training and you know you’re the type to get easily distracted, it’s possible that you may feel drawn to Bangla road to party (this isn’t always the case of course.. just something to consider).


There’s no on-site accommodation available but Patong is rife hotels, apartments and guesthouses. Look further from the beach for cheaper deals. The guesthouse recommended by Anita is called “Cafe Siam Guesthouse”.

Training Info and Photos

The morning session at Nitah Muay Thai is from 9am – 11am and the afternoon session goes from 4pm-6pm. There’s a supervised run in the morning at 7:30 (one of the trainers joins the students).

The training format consists of the usual 3-5 rounds of bag work, 3-5 rounds of pad work (up to your stamina) and there is allotted time where beginner students will do 3 rounds of technique instruction while the more advanced students shadow box.

The prices for training are as follows..

1 Month (1 session per day) 6,000
1 Month (2 sessions per day) 9,000
3 Months (1 sessions per day) 16,000
3 Months (2 sessions per day) 25,000
6 Months (1 session per day) 25,000
6 Months (2 sessions per day) 45,000
12 Months (1 session per day) 45,000
12 Months (2 sessions daily) 80,000.

One awesome thing about the pricing structure at Nitah Muay Thai is that they offer special rates for expats (just show your work or business visa). The rates for expats are 20,000 baht for 6 months or 35,000 baht for a year. This is something that I wish more gyms would offer.