Update: “Manop gym” is no longer in operation. Manop is back working in Bangkok at Petsiri gym

Manop Gym is just opened up in 2012 and it was founded by Manop (otherwise known as “Kru Ou”) and his Brazilian partners.

This is not meant to be a large commercial gym and it’s currently equipped and staffed to accommodate approximately 20 people. The concept is a Bangkok style gym located in the tropics of Phuket. Manop used to be Saenchai’s trainer at the 13 coins gym before moving on and setting up this new business venture.


The gym is located in Chalong, near Tiger Muay Thai, Dragon Muay Thai and Phuket Top Team; though not on the same road. Here is a map and the contact information for the gym.


The gym has 8 rooms on-site that are available for rent. For a spot in a double room (shared with 1 other person), the rate is 350 baht per night or 5000 baht per month. If you want your own room (with a double bed), the rate is 500 baht per night or 8000 baht per month. Each of the rooms have cable TV, internet, washroom with hot water shower and a fridge. These rates of course are subject to change so be sure to check out their website for updated rates.

Training Info & Photos

The morning session starts at 7am and finishes at around 9:30am. The session is kicked off with a non-mandatory 6-10km run. At around 8am, people make their way back to the gym and stretch, shadowbox and hit the bag for about 5 rounds to warm up. 3-5 rounds of pad work follows and after pad work, there is some technical sparring (3-5 rounds) and then some conditioning exercises and a cool down to finish off the session.

The afternoon session runs from 3:30pm-7:30pm. Things start off with a run (3-6km) and then students start skipping when they get back to the gym. After skipping, students will stretch, shadowbox, do bag work, do pad work and then clinch for about 30-45 minutes. After clinching, students will do some conditioning exercises and a cool down.