The KYN Muay Thai gym is run by Hlukhin Wassantasit, his wife Lisa and his father in law, Harry. Hlukhin is a former Rajadamnern champion, WMC champion and he won the prestigious “fighter of the year” award, which was awarded by Rajadamnern stadium, twice during his impressive career. In addition to Hlukhin, there are 3 other Thai trainers here, each of them with a wealth of experience to pass along to their students.


The “KYN” in the gym name stands for “Koh Yao Noi”, which is the island where the gym is located. The island is approximately 30 minutes away from both Phuket and Krabi via speed boat. The island is small at 50 square miles but according to the website, there are plenty of restaurants and other conveniences (7 eleven, ATM’s, mobile phone service etc.) on the island. Here is some detailed information on how to get to the island/gym as well as direct contact information.


There are quite a few accommodation options at KYN. The gym offers “affordable fan rooms”, “deluxe air conditioned rooms”, “apartments” and a “luxury bungalow”. The rooms are rented out as part of the training & accommodation packages that they offer. The prices range based on how long you’re staying, which room you pick and which time of year you’ll be staying there (high season vs low season). The KYN website, which is linked below, has all photos of the different rooms available as well as the prices.

Training Info & Photos

The morning session at KYN gym runs from 8am-10am and the afternoon/evening session runs from 5pm-7pm. The training structure is similar for both sessions. The training kicks off with a 9km run (optional for guests but mandatory if you plan on fighting). After the run, it’s back to the gym for skipping, stretching, shadowboxing, sparring and clinching, bag work, pad work and then some stretching and oftentimes a light swim in the pool to close out the workout.