Keatkhamtorn Gym is the training home to a handful of elite Thai fighters including Nopparat Keatkhamtorn (2 lumpinee champion & Thailand champion), Detsuriya Sittiprasert, Khongpanlek Sakaomnoi, Laemthong Thor Ponchai and Yuthagan Keatkhamtorn (lumpinee & Thailand champion). Like a lot of the Bangkok based gyms, Keatkhamtorn is a serious gym with a reputation for producing top fighters.


Keatkhamtorn is located approximately 20 minutes from the international airport in a residential neighborhood. Here is a map to the gym.


The gym offers an all inclusive training, accommodation & food package (view the website link below for details). If you plan on staying for a long time and are looking to save money, you can walk around the area and find accommodation outside the gym as there are a few good, affordable options within walking distance.

Training Info & Photos

Keatkhamtorn is known to have an intense training regimen. They train for 6-7 hours per day here (morning session runs from 6:00am – 9:30am and the afternoon session runs from 3:00pm – 6:30pm). Between the two sessions, they will run up to 14km per day (of course if you’re not fit enough, you can run shorter distances). This gym is known for focusing a lot of time on clinching so if that’s an aspect you want to improve upon, Keatkhamtorn is worth looking into.