honour muay thai

Honour Muay Thai is one of the newest gyms in the Ao Nang, Krabi region. There seems to be a good mix of Thai’s and Westerners, so you should have access to quality training partners here.

As for the trainers, they all seem to be very experienced, and two of them are former champions. Kru “Bem” is a former channel 7 stadium champion and Kru “Nuey” was a champion at Omnoi stadium.

These two former champions, who are retired, are accompanied by 3 other trainers (“Super Boy”, “Yod” and “Pepsi”) who are still actively competing on the fight circuit. Each of them have between 150-300 fights – so no shortage of experience here.


The gym is located in the Ao Nang area of Krabi. Krabi provides an excellent training environment. It’s clean, the air is fresh and the scenery is beautiful. Here’s the address along with a map to the gym: Honor Muay Thai Map.


The gym offers accommodation, that can be purchased as part of their training packages. Alternatively, students can stay nearby and commute to the gym as there are plenty of nearby hotels, apartments and guesthouses nearby.

If you choose to stay at the gym, there’s a chance that the room may be shared if it’s busy, so keep that in mind.

For room photos, as well as their pricing options, you can click here to visit their website.

Training Info and Photos

It’s recommend by the owners of the gym that you should be able to run 10km before training here. That said, it’s not a requirement.. just a suggestion.

Honour Muay Thai followers a standard format of 2x per day sessions, which begin with long runs.

Once back at the gym, you’ll do your pad-work (typically 4-5 rounds per session), clinching sparring and conditioning exercises.

What’s unique about the training structure here is that clinching is done twice during the afternoon sessions Once immediately following the jog (for 15-20 minutes) and again after pad work and bag work (for another 15-20 minutes).

The entire training routine is listed on their website: view it here.