The “Hongthong” Muay Thai gym is owned and operated by twin brothers (Joe and Gen). At the time of this writing, Gen is still actively fighting at the highest level at the major stadiums in Bangkok. He is a former holder of the Thailand national title.

Joe has put his fight career on hiatus and currently focuses on being a trainer. Between the two of them, they have approximately 700 fights to their credit.

They have worked at various gyms in the past (working towards their dream of one day owning their own gym) and as you can tell by their Facebook fan page, they have quite a large following of friends and past students.


The gym is located a few minutes away (driving) from the Chiang Mai airport. The gym is built on the land of the house where the brothers live and it’s located on a main road so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Click here to access the exact address as well as a map to the gym.


The don’t have any on-site accommodation at the gym yet (as far as I know), but there are several hotels and apartments within walking distance from the gym and they offer daily, weekly or monthly rates.

If you’d like to pre-book your accommodation, just contact Joe or Gen via their Facebook page or website (both linked above) and they’ll give you the exact details.

Training Info and Photos

Like most gyms, they train 2x per day (6x per week) at Hongthong. The morning session runs from 7-9am and the afternoon session runs from 4-6pm. Here’s an outline of the training structure..

  • Warm-up and running
  • Skipping
  • Shadow boxing and technique
  • Bag work (3-5 rounds)
  • Pad work (3 rounds)
  • Sparring (optional) – technical or intense (50-70% of power)
  • Body-weight exercises
  • Stretching and cool-down