FA Group is a modest gym that has produced several champions.

The gym was originally started in Nong Khai (Near the Laotian border) and eventually moved to Bangkok with the help of a sponsor (the FA group food company) so they could be based closer to the major stadiums.

Their most famous fighter is Petchboonchu, who has since moved on and accepted a job as a trainer at Evolve MMA in Singapore.

Petchboonchu, while still young and in his prime, has already become the most decorated fighter in the history of the sport.

Other FA group trained champions include Panom (Thailand national champion) and Fahmeechai, a former Lumpinee champion.

Looktoy, who was another very talented (and kind) fighter, won the Thailand national title, but passed away at a very young age, tragically leaving behind a newborn son.

Another FA Group based fighter making a name for himself is Yothin FA Group, who has been on a tear at the major stadiums recently.

A handful of other fighters (Wangnamyen, Petchniyom and Komawuut) have earned respected titles as well.

Behind good fighters, obviously, is a great team of trainers and one of the trainers at FA Group (Diesel) won the “trainer of the year” award after Petchboonchu had his impressive winning streak in 2015.


The gym is located behind channel 7 stadium, with the nearest public transport stations being “mo chit” (if taking the BTS) and “Chatuchak” (if taking the MRT). You can walk to the gym from either of these stations in approximately 15 minutes.


The gym itself, as mentioned, is quite small and is located at the front of a house, which is where most of the fighters stay.

They do have room available the house for foreign students, though it seems that most of them prefer to stay on one of the apartment complexes nearby.

Being located so close to the public transit system, there are plenty of accommodation options to suit all budgets.

For specific recommendations, I would suggest you contact the gym directly. You can do so via their Facebook page and I imagine you will get a response from either Somchai or Matt Lucas, who is the foreign liaison for the gym.


FA Group produces very strong clinch fighters; as is evident by Petchboonchu’s grappling based fighting style, and the training reflects this.

Clinching is prioritized and is usually performed for about an hour before padwork. Before clinching and pads though, the fighters will go for a run the nearby park, then skip for approximately 30 minutes when they get back to the gym.

In addition to the high level in-house fighters that FA Group has, oftentimes the fighters from T-ded 99 will stop by and join in for clinching. This means you’ll have the opportunity to train Superbank, among others.

There are two training sessions per day, 6 times per week (Sundays are rest days). The training at FA group is ideally suited towards more advanced foreign students.

Training Photos