At 17,000 baht per month for 2x per day training (not including food and accommodation), Eminent Air is one of the most expensive gyms in Thailand. That being said, the training is very high quality and they have produced multiple champions here (foreigners included).

According to their website (listed below), they have a total of 10 champions here (former and present) as well as a handful of fighters coming up the ranks. One such fighter has just one hand and was featured in this National Geographic documentary.


The eminent air gym is located in a residential neighborhood and is accessible via the sky train. To get to the gym, you need to take the “BTS” to the Punnawithi station and its about a 10-15 minute walk (or very short motorbike taxi ride) from there.


Since the cost for training here is rather high, it may actually makes sense to stay at the gym because it will only cost you an extra 9000-12000 baht per month for a room (with air conditioning) and 2 meals per day. You have selection with the meals as well so you can tell them what you want to eat and they’ll buy it and cook it for you.

Keep in mind though, additional cost for food & room is based on if you were training 2x per day. If you plan on staying long term, there are plenty of nearby apartments that you can get at local Thai rates.

Training Info and Photos

The training at Eminent air consists of two 3 hour sessions. There is a long run to kick of the morning session and the rest of the training is fairly standard (padwork, clinching, sparring and strengthening exercises). One thing worth noting about the training routine here is that they clinch for 30 minutes before they do padwork.