Dragon Muay Thai has expanded quite a bit since it opened approximately 5 years ago. While their student base has expanded quite a bit, they’re known for employing more than enough trainers to accommodate everyone. Most notable of their trainers would be Thit; a world champion who beat Ramazan Ramazanov and Juke; a former Raja champion who apparently has over 500 fights.


Dragon Muay Thai is located in Phuket on the popular Soi Tadied road, which is also home to Tiger Muay Thai & Phuket Top Team. Here is the address and a map you can use to find the gym.


Training Info & Photos

According to this video, you can train at Dragon (1x per day) for 5000 baht per month and if you want to train 2x per day, the cost per month is 8000 baht. Having the option to pay for 1x per day training is rare in Phuket so that’s a very fair deal. You should get plenty of time on the pads here as well since they claim to keep a very desirable trainer to student ratio.