The Chuwattana gym is very well known for producing champion fighters. To name a few, there’s Lamsongkram (Rajadamnern stadium & WMC champion) who now works at Tiger Muay Thai. Jomthong (3x WBC champion, 3x Rajadamnern stadium champion and WMC champion) as well as several other fighters who have captured the most prestigious titles in both Muay Thai and Western boxing. For those of you who are looking for a good gym to train at if you want to improve your boxing, this would be an excellent choice.


Chuwattana gym is located in Bangkok’s Chinatown district near the Bangkok central hospital. The address and contact information is as follows..

258/5-6 Mahajak Road, Pomprab, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
TEL. +6622245067, +6622247546


They recently changed locations and they now have on-site accommodation available for foreigners. Regarding the price, your best bet us to contact them directly as prices are always subject to change. Here is a video tour of the gym where the accommodation is showcased so you can have a look at the rooms.

Training Info & Photos

At Chuwattana Gym, there are two training sessions per day (Monday-Saturday) and on Sundays, they only train in the afternoons. The morning session starts at 6am with a 10km run followed by about an hour and a half of training.

The afternoon session starts at 3pm with 30 minutes of skipping, followed by a more intense training session with more clinching and sparring. You will get up to 5 rounds of pad work with a trainer during both the morning and the afternoon sessions.