Bull Muay Thai is one of the newest gyms in Krabi. It’s located near Ao Nang beach, which is just a short boat ride away from Railay Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Thailand.

It’s a great location for training. There are plenty of things to do during your downtime, modern conveniences, a laid back atmosphere and great scenery.

Here is a link to the directions.

It seems as though many of the foreign guests who train at this gym compete at a high level.

There are several Thai trainers working here, each of whom seems to have a specialty.

One trainers strong point may be clinching, while another trainer may specialize in a more technical, evasive fighting style. Based on the website (I haven’t trained there yet), it seems as though the trainers are very versatile in the styles they can teach.


They have about 30 on-site Bamboo bungalows set up for students at the camp. The rates for accommodation vary depending on the time of year (high season vs low season) and the duration of your stay.

They also offer all inclusive packages including accommodation, food and training.

Since the rates for both the accommodation and training are subject to change, it’s best to check their website for the latest prices.

There are plenty of other accommodation options in Ao Nang as well as it’s a popular tourist area.

Training Routine

The training at Bull Muay Thai is suited for both beginners and advanced students alike. There are 2 sessions in the morning and another session in the afternoon.

The morning training runs from 8am-12pm and the afternoon session runs from 4pm-7pm.

The morning session starts with an hour long jog, followed by shadowboxing (3 x 3 minutes), bag work (5 x 5 minutes), pad work (5 x 5 minutes), sparring and then some conditioning exercises to finish off.

The afternoon session starts with either running or skipping (25 minutes) and is followed by shadowboxing (3 x 3 minutes), bag work (5 x 5 minutes), pad work (5 x 3 minutes), clinching (30 minutes) and 5 rounds of sparring.

Obviously, while these workouts seem very intense, they can be adapted to your fitness level and you don’t have to perform the full sessions if you’re unable too.