If you’re a gym owner looking for more exposure, we now offer advertising packages that will enhance your visibility to your target audience.

Our site is currently positioned well in the major search engines and at the time of this writing, we’re serving approximately 60,000 impressions per month from visitors researching which training camp they will spend their time (and money) at. Click here to view a screenshot of our traffic statistics.

Our traffic is highly targeted and comes to us primarily via relevant searches, as well as links on Muay Thai related websites. In other words, our traffic will convert!


Simply put, it means more students visiting your camp. This equates to enhanced revenue from training fees, pro shop sales and accommodation occupancy. Keep them happy (this discussed below) and your business will flourish even further via word of mouth and return visits.


We’re currently offering banner spots that will appear in the upper right corner of the sidebar, as well as ads that will enable you to have your best video showcased and auto-played in a light box in the center of the site.

> Click here to view our available ad placements
> Click here to view a photo of the light box video ad

The ads in the upper right corner are set to rotate every 5 seconds; allowing for maximum visibility.


The rotating ads in the upper right hand corner are available for 4000 baht per month.

The prices for the light box video ads are as follows..

(Position is determined by the order in which the ads appear on the sidebar)

Position 1) 3000 baht/month
Position 2) 3000 baht/month
Position 3) 2000 baht/month
Position 4) 2000 baht/month

*Recurring billing can be set up*

Introductory Offer: If you purchase the top right sidebar ad, you will receive 50% discount on the light box video ad


We won’t be accepting many advertisers (right now we have a limit of 4), so if you would like to claim a spot and partner with us, let us know as soon as possible.

We would also like to promote gyms that have a good reputation for customer satisfaction, so partnership availability is limited to gyms who are able to maintain positive feedback.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at