Tiger Muay Thai is the largest training camp in Thailand. At any given time, there may be hundreds of students training here from all over the world. Throughout the years, the facility has undergone a series of expansions in an effort to comfortably accommodate the influx of guests from around the world.

Recent additions to the camp include a large indoor MMA training area outfitted with high quality mats by Dollamur and a indoor weight training area (these improvements can be seen in this video tour).

The Location

Tiger Muay Thai is located approximately 45 minutes from the airport in an area called Chalong, which is a district in the south of Phuket. It would be ideal if you had a motorbike or some other means of transportation to get around if you’re training here although the street where the gym is located (Soi Tad-ied) has undergone a lot of developments to accommodate the influx of foreigners and you won’t have any issues finding places to stay, eat, hang out, get massages, buy supplements or even get tattoos right on the street. Here is a map and directions (in Thai language) that you can give to your taxi driver.


Training Info & Photos

To accommodate the large number of students, The Muay Thai program here is broken down into different sections based on skill level. There is a beginner section for people just starting out, an intermediate section, an advanced section and a section for the fighters.

The amount of time you get with the trainers depends on what section you get put in. In the beginner section, you don’t get much pad work as most of the focus is placed on learning the basic movements. Once you progress and move through though, you’ll end up following a more traditional training routine.

Tiger has an impressive line up of trainers as well, with many of them having fought at the highest level and earning titles at the major stadiums in Bangkok. There are some current champions working there as well (Lamsongkram Chuwattana for example).

Tiger also has a MMA/BJJ program that employs some excellent instructors as well. They have recently brought in Fernando Maccachero who is a 4th degree black belt originally from Brazilian Top Team. In addition to Fernando teaching BJJ, they also have two UFC veterans in Brian Ebersole and Roger Huerta who run the MMA classes. Adding to that, they also offer morning Yoga, and a “wrestling for MMA” program as well.