Superpro Samui seems to be the “go to” gym for the big name K1 fighters out of Holland. The owner is European and there’s trainers (Charoon for example) that frequently travel there to train fighters. The facility itself is quite developed as it is and it’s currently undergoing another expansion which will add more training space and additional rooms.


As the name indicates, “Superpro Samui” is located on the popular island of Koh Samui. The gym is on a residential street around Chaweng beach. Here is a map you can use to find it. To get to the main nightlife area, it’ll take you about 5-10 minutes on a motorbike (200 baht via a taxi) so it’s not too far at all.


They have plenty of on-site accommodation available at Superpro (and they’re in the process of building more). Guests who stay on site pay an all-inclusive rate for the room and training. The rooms can be pricy for long term stays but if money isn’t much of an issue, the rooms are of high quality and I’m sure you’ll appreciate staying right at the gym. They also have a fan room available for 10,000 baht per month and that rate includes training.

Alternatively, you can look around for an apartment nearby and when staying outside the gym, you will just have to pay 7500 baht per month for the training – which is a pretty reasonable rate.

Training Info & Photos

Superpro Samui runs 2 Muay Thai sessions per day (6x per week) and they run an MMA class 5 nights a week as well. The morning session runs from 8am-10am and the afternoon session runs from 5pm-7pm. As mentioned above, they have an MMA class that runs from Monday-Friday from 5:30pm-6:30pm.

The structure of the Muay Thai session is pretty standard and includes bag work, pad work, sparring, clinching etc. They have some pretty accomplished trainers working here too as according to their website, they have trainers who have earned some prestigious titles (Thailand, Lumpinee, WMC etc.).