Sumalee Boxing Gym opened up for business in 2011 and they seem to have positioned themselves as a high end training resort (although the prices seem to be quite reasonable). The head trainer at the gym is Oron Deachkaln Sumalee who was a top ranked fighter at Lumpinee stadium. They offer all sorts of different plans and packages here that can be tailored to meet your needs.

In terms of the facility, there are currently 11 rooms and 2 guest houses. There are two rings, a large open training area, new Twins bags throughout the facility and there is a swimming pool on the property as well.


Sumalee Boxing Gym is located about 15 minutes from the airport along the East coast of Phuket (North of Patong). The nearby beaches are nearly deserted and the area around the gym is quiet as it`s not very developed yet. In the nearby area, there are restaurants & some bars so you`ll be able to get food outside the gym or just relax and have a beer. Here is a map to the gym.


As mentioned above, there are 11 on-site rooms at Sumalee as well as 2 guesthouses available for rent a few kilometers from the gym. Here is an overview of the accommodation options as well as a price list.

Training Info & Photos

There are two 2 hour sessions at Sumalee. The morning session starts at 7:30am and the afternoon session starts at 4pm. The sessions include a warm up, stretching, 5 rounds of pad work, bag work, sparring, clinching and a cool down (pretty standard routine).