Saengmorakot gym has been developing fighters for over 25 years now and throughout that time, their fighters have captured over 30 titles from top level stadiums and promotions. Saengmorakot is a popular gym amongst Australians due to the connections of “Jartui”, who’s the head of the gym and promoter of Lumpinee and Omnoi stadium.

Australian fighters oftentimes make the trip to Bangkok to train here and likewise, Jartui frequently sends trainers and fighters from Saengmorakot to gyms in Australia to teach.

A few of the champions produced at Saengmorakot are Pinsiam Sor. Amunuaysirichok (bantamweight champion at Lumpinee stadium from 2004-2007), Wisan Lek Sor. Tosapol (channel 7 TV stadium champion), Jingridthong (channel 7 stadium champion) and Visanlek (Thailand, lumpinee and channel 7 champion).

Also training out of Saengmorakot is the young phenom, Yodwicha Por Boonsit. Yodwicha was the recipient of the 2013 sportswriters “boxer of the year” award (he shared the award with Sangmanee who trains out of the 13 coins gym).

Yodwicha is a lumpinee stadium champion, Omnoi stadium champion and Thailand national champion who at the time of this writing, is on an incredible winning streak against some of the top fighters in the sport. All this at the age of 17 years old.

If you want to work on your clinch, a trip to Saengmorakot to train with the clinch monster himself, Yodwicha, would probably be a good option.


Saengmorakot gym is a short walk from Rajadamnern stadium. Another landmark you can use to find the gym is the “Prince Palace” hotel. Right around the hotel will be a temple called “Wat Sitaram”. The gym is actually located within the temple gates.


The gym has accommodation available but you’re probably better off staying outside the gym as it’s a better value. You can find local rates on accommodation if you walk around the area and you’d be able to save some money.

If you wanted to stay in the accommodation provided through the gym, you can either pay 9000 baht per month for a shared room (4 people) without air conditioning or 14,400 for a private room with air conditioning.

Training Info & Photos

Saengmorakot is a traditional Muay Thai gym and due to that fact, they follow a traditional training structure as well. This includes running, skipping, pad work, sparring and clinching. There are 2 sessions per day here but keep in mind that the afternoon session starts at 3pm (which is a bit earlier than most gyms) so you’ll need to turn up on time.