Phuket top team was started by Boyd Clarke and his wife approximately 4 years ago. The popularity of the gym has increased dramatically in a very short time so I suppose that’s a testament to the quality of the training (and marketing efforts of course).

With the growing popularity, they have been able to bring in some very accomplished trainers (details below) and develop a strong MMA fight team that competes throughout Asia and globally.

There’s a popular video series called Phuket Dreaming (viewable below) that is filmed at, and around Phuket Top Team by Issac Kesington (Genghis Con Films). If you’re thinking about training at Phuket Top Team, or Thailand in general, I’d recommend you check it out to get some insight to what it’s like here.


Phuket Top Team is in Chalong; approximately 300 meters down the road from Tiger Muay Thai and about 200 meters down the road from Dragon. Having so many students living and training in such a concentrated area has triggered developers to build rooms, restaurants, massage shops etc. nearby to accommodate the needs of the hundreds of foreigners training here at any given time.


As mentioned above, there are plenty of accommodation options on the road where Phuket Top Team is situated (Soi Taied), and if you’d like to stay right at the gym, they have a limited number of rooms available on site.

Training Info

Phuket Top Team offers a full schedule of classes and a well rounded program overall. Their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is lead by Olavo Abreu; a 4th degree black belt and former head trainer at Brazilian Top Team.

The No-Gi classes are taught by Joao Paulo, who’s another BJJ black belt from Brazil.

The wrestling program at Phuket Top Team is currently being run by Derek Heckel, who was a state champion wrestler and has approximately 18 years of competition experience.

The Muay Thai program is run by an accomplished team of trainers including Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn; a 2x world champion, Lerdsila Chumpairtour; a 3x Rajadamnarn stadium champion, Laemtong Tor Ponchai; former channel 7 champion and Nampon PK; former Rajadamnern and WMC champion. No lack of talent here.

If you’re interested in Western boxing, Phuket Top Team has classes for that as well which are headed by a Thai national and WBC champion named Oleydong “The Deadly Candy” Sithsamerchai – who has a career record of 56-1.

In a typical day, Phuket Top Team offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (with a Gi), 2 traditional Muay Thai sessions, strength and conditioning, No Gi grappling and MMA sparring for those getting ready for fights or for those looking to just blend their skill sets together.