Petchyindee was the winner of the “gym of the year” award for 2012, though the award was pretty much a toss up between this gym and SingPatong as fighters from both camps had amazing years.

Petchyindee, which is owned by the promoter of “Petchyindee Promotions”, has served as the training home to dozens of champions of the years. On the current roster is Sam A (winner of multiple Thailand & Lumpinee titles and winner of the “fighter of the year” award), Rungphet Sor Sungprapai (Thailand champion at 115lbs), Kungwanlek (2x champion of Thailand) and Dokmaipa Sor Sungprapai (also a Thailand champion).


For the moment, the gym is located above the Twins & Top King gear shops outside Lumpinee stadium. Lumpinee will be changing locations in the near future so I’m not sure if the gym will be moving along with it or not. I imagine the gym will remain there because it’s right by Lumpinee Park, which is where the fighters do their jogging.

To get to the gym, you can just take the MRT (subway) and get off at Lumpinee station. It’s just across the street from when you come out of exit 1. Easy enough to get here.


The gym doesn’t offer accommodation but if you want to train here, just have a walk around the area and you’ll be able to find some apartments nearby. It’s a busy and developed area so you won’t have a problem finding a place.

Training Info & Photos

At Petchyindee, they have different levels of training. They have a training session for fighters that when listed on the brochure next to it, says “hardcore” on it. If you consider yourself fairly advanced, these are the sessions you would want to attend.

Alternatively, for beginners, they run a group class later at night that caters more towards foreigners (not that foreigners can’t join in the fighter training session though).

The advanced training sessions are structured in a way that you’d expect. Training and fighting is the livelihood for these guys so they train hard. Sessions will include jogging in the park, bag work, pad work, sparring, clinching, conditioning exercises and there are two sessions of this per day.