Patong stadium gym (PSG) is owned by the same company that owns Patong boxing gym (PBG), which is located between Patong and Karon beach. The stadium gym offers perhaps a more convenient location as it’s right in Patong and while the training costs are the same, the training + accommodation packages at the stadium gym are less expensive than PBG (though PBG is much more luxurious).


As the name indicates, the Patong Stadium Gym is located right in front of the Patong boxing stadium (not to be confused with Bangla stadium which is right next to the Jungceylon shopping mall). The area where the gym is can be easily accessed via an inexpensive motorbike ride or by walking even (depending on where you are in Patong of course).


You can get accommodation through the gym as they now have 10 rooms for students located about 150 meters from the gym. The rooms have air conditioning, a shower, a fridge, a TV, a twin size bed and a balcony and the cost for training & accommodation is 20,000 baht per month.

Alternatively, since the gym is located in an area inhabited by a lot of Thai’s, you can walk around and find accommodation on your own from 5000 baht and upwards (though 10,000 baht for the rooms provided by the gym seems reasonable for the area).

Training Info & Photos

The training at Patong Stadium Gym consists of 2 sessions per day. The morning session runs from 8am-10am and the afternoon session runs from 4pm-6pm. The training routine involves an option run, skipping, stretching, bag work, pad work and either some clinching or light sparring. From there, people usually do some conditioning exercises then a cool down which includes some shadow boxing and some stretching to finish off the session. The cost for training here is 10,000 baht per month for 2 sessions per day or 500 baht per session.