Meenayothin is a traditional Muay Thai gym that serves as the training home to approximately 20-25 high level Thai fighters. Among them are several Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and Thailand national champions.

The standout fighters who are currently training in the gym are Aikpracha Meenayothin (WMC champion, Lumpinee champion, S-1 tournament champion and Thailand national champion).

Wanheng Meenayothin, who at the time of this writing, holds a traditional boxing record of 25-0 and two WBC boxing titles. His focus is mainly on Western boxing at the moment but when competing in Muay Thai, he earned a lumpinee title and the Thailand national title (both in the 105 pound weight class).

Number 1 ranked fighter in the 154 pound weight class at Rajadamnern stadium, Dernchonlek, also trains at the Meenayothin gym, as does Mondam Sor Weerapon, a 2x Thailand champion who won a lumpinee title earlier in the year (2013). Dentoranee Sor Weerapon, a former Thailand national champion trains here as well.

In simple terms, this gym is packed with top ranked fighters.


To get to the Meenayothin gym, you can either take a taxi directly there (here is the address of the gym). Alternatively, if you want to spend less time in traffic, you can take the subway (MRT) and head to Phahon Yothin station. Right next to the Phahon Yothin station is the central Lat Phrao shopping mall. To get to the gym from the mall, it is approximately a 60 baht taxi fare. Just head straight down Phahon Yothin road until you reach soi 45 (just past a University), take a left and drive straight until you see the gym on your left hand side.

If you have any problems reaching the gym, you can call the gym directly @ 0812598584. They’re very friendly and will happily assist you and give the taxi driver directions.

Training Info & Photos

The training at Meenayothin is intense, but I’ve seen the odd beginner or two here and the management and the fighters are very welcome to all skill levels. Keep in mind though, the training regimen is intense and involves a 1 hour run at the nearby University track. A large portion of the run is done holding hand weights and another portion of the run involves sprinting up the bleachers.

Once back at the gym, the boxers who have a fight coming up will do their pad work (seven 4 minute rounds) and the boxers who don’t have a fight booked will complete the rounds on the heavy bags.

Once the pad work and/or bag work is completed, the boxers will clinch for 30-60 minutes (30 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes in the afternoon). Hard sparring occurs 3x per week and to close out the sessions, the boxers will do some strength and conditioning exercises.

Though the gym hasn’t had many foreigners come through to train, they welcome the idea. For drop in sessions, they charge the standard (good) rate of 300 baht per session or 500 baht for 2 sessions in 1 day. If you wanted an all-inclusive training, food and accommodation package, the rate is 1000 baht per day for a private air conditioned room or 900 baht per day for a shared air conditioned room. The prices include 2 meals.