Maximum Combat Center

Maximum Fitness Center is a brand new facility with an incredible location, just a stones throw away from Patong Beach. You can see the beach through the windows while you’re training.

The concept seems to be a combination of a commercial type fitness facility (huge selection of free weights, treadmills etc.) with a Muay Thai and MMA gym. They have an MMA cage, a BJJ area with top of the line Dollamur style mats, two rings and an assortment of Fairtex bags.


Maximum is probably the closest gym to a beach anywhere in Thailand. It’s in Patong, which is the most developed beach in Phuket. There are plenty of food, shopping and nightlife options within walking distance. Keep in mind though that it’s easy to get distracted in this area so if you’re serious about training, you’ll probably need to exercise some serious self restraint to avoid the temptation of going out to the clubs.

Training Info and Photos

The majority of the trainers here have worked at Patong Boxing Gym at some point. They’re all very experienced and one of them in particular, Dam, is an accomplished fighter who holds a belt from Rajadamnern stadium. He’s also an accomplished Western style boxer who once fought for a million baht.

Also working as trainers here are “Kot” and “Wut”. Kot used to be the “master trainer” in PBG before heading to work up North in Pai. He has a lot of experience and will always give you a good workout on the pads. Wut is Kot’s son in law and he also used to work at PBG. After his stint at PBG, he worked at Dragon Muay Thai for a few years. So, all members of the training staff are very experienced training foreigners. In addition to the Muay Thai, they also offer fitness memberships (weights, treadmills etc.), crossfit, Yoga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.