Established over 30 years ago, Lookprabat is one of the oldest Muay Thai camps in Thailand. The gym won the coveted “best Muay Thai camp” award in both 2007 & 2008 by Lumpinee stadium, the sports authority of Thailand and the sports writers association of Thailand.

The gym was started by Mr. Noi Wuttisopakorn who had a great reputation in the community for taking in underprivileged children and giving them the means to provide for themselves through the art of Muay Thai. After Noi’s passing, the management of the gym was taken over by his son and his daughter in law.

Since the inception of the gym, Lookprabat has produced 15 champions and among them they have captured 23 of the most prestigious titles (WMC, WBC, Lumpinee, Rajadamnern etc). The active fighters from the camp today are Pornsawan, Kaotam and Komphetlek Lookprabat.

Pornsawan has two Thailand national titles in 2 different weight classes, Kaotam has earned a Lumpinee stadium title and Komphetlek has won WBC and S1 titles. K1 star Pajonsuk (lumpinee stadium and WBC champion), who I believe now represents Superpro Samui, was also produced in the Lookprabat camp.


Lookprabat is located in a small town called Pra Phuttabat in Saraburi province, which is approximately 100km from Bangkok. Someone from the gym will come and pick you up from the Bangkok airport if you’re staying for a month or more. There isn’t much to do in the area so don’t expect vibrant nightlife and or extensive dining or shopping options. This is a serious gym and the distraction free environment could perhaps be a positive for some fighters who would have a hard time staying focused otherwise.


In an effort to attract more foreigners, they have recently built new rooms at the camp. They have 8 rooms on-site and they’re meant to be shared (2 people per room) but if the gym isn’t busy and there are extra rooms available, you can get the room to yourself. The rooms are rented out as part of the training packages that they offer at the gym and the rates are listed here.

Training Info & Photos

Like most gyms, there are 2 training sessions per day at Lookprabat (they even do light training on Sundays, which is usually a rest day at most gyms). The morning session kicks off at 6:30am and the boxers go for a 10km run. Once back at the gym, it’s shadowboxing for about 10 minutes and then a couple long rounds (10 minutes) of pad work. Once you’re finished up on pads, you’ll just do some conditioning exercises and hit the bag until the session ends.

The afternoon session starts at around 4pm (sometimes earlier if it’s not too hot) and is a bit more intense. The jog isn’t as long, but the overall training session is more intense. Again, you’ll get 10 minute rounds on pads (couple rounds) and the main difference between the mornings and the afternoons is that in the afternoons you’ll be sparring and clinching.