Lanna Muay Thai, which is also known as “Kiat Busaba”, has been operating in Chiang Mai for over 20 years now. The gym is owned and run by a Canadian named Andy Thompson. Andy used to work in the oil industry and decided to follow his passion and open up his own gym.

Despite being run by a foreigner, the gym has earned a lot of respect over the years and most Thai’s in the Muay Thai scene will be familiar with the name. In this national geographic documentary, Andy explains how the camp came to fruition and the video also mentions that over 10 of Andy’s boxers have worked their way up the ranks to fight at the major Bangkok stadiums.


The gym is located in Chiang Mai near Huay Kaew Road. The gym isn’t far from Kad Suan Khao shopping mall and Nimmanhemin road (trendy nightlife district). Here is a map to the gym.


They have a few rooms available for rent right at the gym (2 person per room) for 3000 baht per month and there is all sorts of apartments you can rent nearby the gym. Just head to the area and look around a bit for a room (or a house even) that fits your needs and budget. Plenty of options.

Training Info & Photos

The training routine at Lanna Muay Thai follows the traditional format of 2 training sessions per day. The morning session runs from 6am-10am and includes a long jog (10km), shadow boxing, bag work, pad work (2-5 rounds), clinching or sparring (alternating days) and then some exercises, shadow boxing and stretching to finish things off.

The afternoon session runs from 4pm-7:30pm and includes a jog (4km), followed by skipping, shadowboxing, bag work, pad work (5 rounds), clinching or sparring (alternating days) and then some exercises and stretching to finish the workout.