The Lamai Muay Thai camp is sanctioned by the World Muay Thai Counsel and is often referred too as the “WMC Camp”. The gym itself is well equipped and has an on-site cafe, fitness room and pro shop. Due to the WMC connection, there’s oftentimes quite a few top ranked foreign fighters training here.


As indicated by the name, the gym is located near Lamai beach in Koh Samui. Here’s a map you can use to find the gym.


Lamai Muay Thai has 3 different accommodation types available on-site for the students. They have “deluxe”, “superior” and “standard” bungalows. Of course, for people staying long term, you could always tour around the area and find an apartment on your own to try to save some money.

Training Info & Photos

They offer a few different training routines at Lamai Muay Thai (weight loss programs etc.) but our main focus is obviously on the fight training. A typical training session consists of a run on the beach (8km) then it’s back to the gym to shadow box and do some clinching, sparring, pad work (5 rounds), bag work (5 rounds), hill sprints and then some sit ups and cool down exercises (stretches etc.)