Kiatphontip Gym was originally established over 16 years ago in South Thailand. The gym that is operating under the Kiatphontip banner today though was opened in 2008 by Rob Cox. Rob is a huge fan of the sport and I believe he’s the only foreign Muay Thai journalist who gets full access in the major Bangkok-based stadiums when covering the events.


The gym is located in the outskirts of Bangkok near Mahidol University (exact address and contact information here). The gym is in a quiet area and offers a countryside feel but 20 minutes in a taxi and you can be at Khao San road.


There’s shared accommodation available at the gym that can be rented in a package deal along with your training and food (apparently the food here is excellent). The cost for the package deal which includes accommodation, 2 meals a day and 2 training sessions is 1000 baht per day for stays under 2 weeks and 800 baht per day for long stays. Alternatively, if you’d like more privacy or are staying long term, you can find accommodation outside the gym in the Salaya area around the University in which case, the fee for training would be 12,000 baht per month for 2x per day training.

Training Info & Photos

The training routine at Kiatphontip is known to be pretty intense. Rob’s main focus with the gym seems to be more on producing quality Thai fighters and maintaining a high standard of training than simply attracting tourists and making money from the training fees. It’s recommended that you show up to this gym in shape to get the most out of it.

The morning session runs from 6am-9am and gets kicked off with a long jog (up to 10km but varies due to your fitness level) and from there, it’s back at the camp for bag work and either pad work or technical sparring (depending on which day it is as you rotate between the two). This is followed up by conditioning exercises (couple hundred kicks, couple hundred knees etc.) and then a warm down to close out the session.

The afternoon session runs from 3pm-6pm and is initiated with a shorter run of approximately 3-5km and then about 15-30 minutes of skipping. This is followed by bag work (until you get called on by one of the trainers) and then about 5 rounds of pad work (with a brief rest between rounds). The pad rounds are followed up with some more technical sparring, clinching and then some conditioning exercises to finish off the workout.