KC Muay Thai

KC Muay Thai is owned by and Englishman named Kevin and a Thai fighter named Chun (hence the “KC” name). It’s a serious gym that puts effort into producing quality Thai fighters, but its also very welcoming to beginners.

Chun oversees the training sessions and does a great job at making sure everyone is working. He also speaks near perfect English as he’s spent quite a bit of time in Canada. His uncle is Ajarn Suchart (trainer to Simon Marcus & Matt Embree) at the Siam number 1 gym in Toronto.


KC Muay Thai is located in Chiang Mai. The gym is approximately 15 minutes from the airport and to get there, just follow Hang Dong road (heading towards Hang Dong). Go past the Tesco Lotus (left side), then past the Shell gas station (also on the left). You will approach a Taekwondo school (RDC) on the left and once you past that, slow down and turn left where you see the “KC Muay Thai” sign.

Go straight for about 800 meters (until the end of the road) and then turn right. You will see the KC Muay Thai gym on the right hand side about 500 meters down.


There is an apartment complex located directly across the street from the gym that offers nice rooms at very inexpensive local rates. This video shows a tour of these rooms and provides some insight as to what it’s like living in Chiang Mai and training at KC Muay Thai.

Training Info and Photos

The training at KC is very structured and Chun, the co-owner/head trainer at the camp, keeps things organized and makes sure everyone is working hard. There are 2 sessions per day (Sundays excluded) which run from 7am-9am and again from 4pm-6pm.

The session starts off with a 4-8km run, which is followed by 15 minutes of skipping, 3 rounds of shadowboxing, 3-5 rounds of sparring, 3-5 rounds of pad work, 3-5 rounds of bag work and then some clinching and stretching to finish off with.