Jitti Gym seems to be a popular choice for fighters based out of the UK. Liam Harrison can oftentimes be found training here as can his stablemates from the “Bad Company” gym in Leeds. Jitti gym is very welcoming to foreigners. In fact, the words “International Muay Thai” school are posted up and viewable as you enter the training area.


The gym is in a very convenient location right near the Ratchadaphisek MRT (subway) station. Getting around won’t be a problem here since between the subway and the sky train (they connect with each other at certain stations) you can get almost anything you would want & need. Here is a map and here is the address for the gym.


Since the gym is so conveniently located, you have a lot of options when it comes to accommodation because there are plenty of apartments in the area and even if you had difficulty finding a place nearby the gym, you could stay elsewhere (a couple stations away on the subway) and still get to the gym within about 10 minutes or so.

They gym has accommodation available either at the gym or in what they call the “Jitti House”. The rooms are shared and they’re available in all-inclusive packages along with your training. If you’re staying for a month, the rate is 25,000 baht per month for a room & training. If you wanted to get your own place near the gym, you can find an apartment for around 6000 baht per month.

Training Info & Photos

The morning session at Jitti runs from 7am-9am and the afternoon session runs from 3pm-6pm. The morning session starts with an hour long jog (slow to medium pace) in the nearby park. Once back at the gym, the rest of the routine calls for pad work and some conditioning drills.

The afternoon session starts off with 30 minutes of skipping, which is followed by stretching, shadow boxing, pad work, bag work, clinching, sparring and then some cool down exercises and some more stretches.