Golden Glory is a gym and management group that originally established themselves in the Netherlands. Since their inception, they’ve developed and managed some incredible fighters (Semmy Schilt, Alistair Overeem, Sergei Kharitonov & Gokhan Saki to name a few). Ramon Dekkers is actually a Muay Thai instructor at their branch in the Netherlands.


The Golden Glory gym in Pattaya is located between Pattaya and Jomtein beach. To get there, you can either take a motorbike (obviously), or alternatively, you can get there via a baht bus as the gym is situated along the route (this way will cost you just 10-20 baht).

The landmark you should be looking for is Mata Hari restaurant. If you’re heading towards Jomtein from Pattaya, Mata Hari will be on your left hand side and if you’re heading towards Pattaya from Jomtein, Mata Hari will be on your right hand side.

From Mata Hari, just head straight down Soi 15 and you’ll see the Golden Glory gym about 100 meters down the road. Here is a map you can use if you get confused.


According to their website, they are building on-site rooms with air conditioning right at the gym but given the location, and how easy it is to get there via the baht busses, you can stay all over the city pretty much and still be able to get to the training sessions fairly easily.

There are condos available for rent right by the gym (I imagine for around 15,000 baht per month or so) and if you want a less expensive alternative, there are plenty of options.. just walk around the area and see what kind of deals you can negotiate.

Training Info & Photos

The training here is priced quite fairly. Unlike a lot of gyms, they give you the option to pay for 1 session per day instead of forcing you to pay an all inclusive rate. For unlimited training, the price is fairly standard at 8000 baht per month but if you’re only training once per day, you can pay 4500 baht for the month.

As far as the training goes, nobody is going to hold your hand here and guide you through the workout. As the standard, you’ll get your pad time with the trainer (usually 5 rounds) and everything else is pretty much up to you. You’ll do the warm up on your own, the bag work on your own, the pad work with the trainer and from there, you can find a partner to do some clinching or sparring if you’re up for it. The trainers will spar with you providing they’re not busy at the time.