Cho. Nateetong Gym was created by “Tak”, an accomplished fighter who was brought up in the infamous Sityodtong camp. Tak himself is a very technical instructor and he’s put together an accomplished team of trainers to accommodate the students.

The gym itself is rather modest (a bit run down, 2 rings and a couple bags) but the quality of the training is what matters and that’s the main focus.


The Cho. Nateetong gym is located up off Sukhumvit soi 31 (here is a map). It’s in a quiet, residential area away from the crazy nightlife that Pattaya is known for. If you want to focus entirely on training with any distractions, it may be best to stay in the area near the gym but if you want to have more entertainment options, you can stay closer to the beach area and just commute up to the gym for training (getting to the gym isn’t that difficult once you find your bearings and familiarize yourself with the area).


As mentioned above, whether you choose to stay up near the gym or down towards the beach area (which is more lively and provides more entertainment options) depends entirely on your needs.

For a distraction free training environment, you’ll be able to find inexpensive accommodation up around the gym. Alternatively, if you want to mix a little partying (and general convenience) in with your training routine, stay in the central area and just commute to the gym for your training sessions.

Training Info & Photos

The training here is run 2x per day and 6x per week (Sunday as the rest day). The morning session runs from 8am-10:30am and the afternoon session runs from 4pm-7pm. The training sessions consist of the usual (jogging, pad work, bag work, sparring etc.).