“Book Your Training Through Us And Get Over $100 Worth Of Useful Guides And Services… At No Extra Cost To You!”

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand with the intention of training while you’re there..

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Here are 5 reasons why you should book your training through us..

5) It costs you the same either way..

Whether you book through us or pay the gym directly, the price is the same.

Think of us like an agoda for training vacations. Only, we work on commission and get compensated by the gyms instead of having to charge fees to our clients.

4) You get a free copy of the 150 page Thailand Training Guide..screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-8-37-29-pm

This guide will save you money, hassles and give you insider knowledge on everything from the gyms to getting around.

Created and distributed by FightPassport.com, the “Thailand Training Guide” has been purchased by several hundred people over the years and frequently gets updated to include the latest information..

To learn more about it, click here to read the sales page where it retails for 27 dollars.

This may not be included as a bonus for much longer, so take advantage of this offer and get yourself a free copy while you can.

Again, the Thailand Training Guide is yours free when you book your training through us!

vertical_3d_cover2-43) You get a free copy of the Supplement Guide for Fighters book..

Training in Thailand is a different “beast” so to speak.

You’ll be exercising for up to 6 hours per day, oftentimes in 40 degree heat!

This type of training demand increases the need for proper nutrition, and it can be tricky to get all the vitamins and minerals you need through food alone under these conditions.

This book outlines the 5 most important supplements you should be taking while you’re training in Thailand to ensure optimal health and performance.

2) You get a free membership to the Martial Profits course..

Thailand is awesome.. and there’s a good chance that after training in paradise and living a relaxed, stress-freevertical_3d_cover-3 lifestyle.. you won’t want to go back to your 9-5..

Or, even if you love what you do, it’s always nice to be able to supplement your income any way you can..

The martial profits course shows you how you can earn money from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

I’m getting a foot massage in Bangkok as I write this, and about 5 minutes ago, a “new sale” notification popped up on my screen!

The course outlines the same method I used to generate that sale..

The dream of traveling the world, training and earning money while you do it can be your reality if you read and follow the steps in this guide.

1) You’ll have us on hand to answer your questions..

By booking through us, you’ll have us on hand to answer your questions.email

If you book through one of the gyms directly, there may be a language barrier.. and even if there isn’t, there may be questions you don’t feel comfortable asking..

With us..You can ask whatever you want.

Want to know about the nightlife and the dating scene?

Or maybe you want a non-bias recommendation on the best places to buy gear?

Hit us up, and get the perspective of guys who have been training in Thailand for years..

Are you convinced yet that booking through us is the right choice?

I hope so.. It’s all “pros” with no downside… an easy decision, really.

You pay the same rate either way, but by going through us, you get a massive amount of added value that will enhance your experience.

Here’s How To Book Your Training and Claim Your Bonuses..

Step 1: Select a camp on our listing that has a “book through us” tag..

These are the gyms that we’ve formed partnerships with.

Unfortunately, gyms without this tag are ineligible for the bonuses…

Step 2: Select your desired package listed at the bottom of the gym profile and click the “book now” button..

Step 3: You will be directed to a checkout page where you’ll be prompted to place a small deposit.

Step 4: Once your payment is made, you will receive confirmation of your booking as well as the associated bonuses.

Step 5: We will forward your information to the gym so they have a record of your reservation and payment.

The remaining balance, as mentioned above, is paid to the gym directly when you arrive.

Here is a list of gyms that are currently part of the program..