Having spent years training at the gyms throughout Thailand, I figured some of you guys (and girls) could benefit from some of the knowledge I’ve accumulated during my time here.

For that reason, I’ve put together a mini-guidebook called “10 Tips for Training in Thailand”. The book is completely free and I’m hoping you’ll find it useful.

The manual covers topics such as the common scams to avoid, what to pack, tips on where to say and how to save money.

There are also sections in the book discussing basic Thai culture, tips on getting around the country and of course, I’ve included a section on relationships with locals and how not to get played.

Perhaps the most useful section is the information on obtaining the right Thai visa depending on how long you’re planning on staying.

At 10 pages, the book is an easy, clutter-free read that gets right to the point.

If you’d like a copy of it, simply input your name and email into the form below and click “Send It To Me Now!”.

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